Prepare for the Summer Months with Service at Pendarvis Chevy

While the first signs of warmer weather trigger thoughts of Spring Cleaning, mowing the lawn, and watering the garden, you might not consider your vehicle's needs. Ensuring that your car is ready for warmer weather doesn't just improve your drive - it can also help improve performance and prevent expensive repairs.

Warm Weather Service Tips in Edgefield, SC

The Pendarvis Chevrolet Company service team can help you prepare your car for hotter months with some tips and service suggestions listed below. Reach out to our service team before the weather gets too hot, and we'll help you prepare for whatever summer can throw at you!

  • Get Your Brakes Checked: Colder months can make your brakes work hard to keep you safe. If you hear excessive grinding, squealing, or screeching when braking, our service team can repair or replace necessary parts.

  • Replace Your Wiper Blades: Wiper blades work hard during colder months to free your windshield of grime, salt, and any colder precipitation. Replacing them with wipers rated for warmer weather ensures the best performance.

  • Get Your Oil Changed: While cold weather can make your engine oil work hard, summer months can have the same effect. Our service team can check your engine oil level and replace it.

  • Check Your Tires: Sudden temperature changes, like going from cold to hot, can affect the air pressure in your tires. A sudden pressure drop can lead to decreased performance and safe driving functionality. Our service team can check your tires and top off the air or replace them when the tread depth appears low.

  • Get the A/C System Checked: When the weather heats up, you'll want to ensure your car's A/C system still pumps out cold air. Our service team will check the A/C system for wear or refrigerant leaks.

  • Clean Your Vehicle's Exterior and Interior: Winter months can cause a buildup of debris and dirt inside your car. Regular washing can also help preserve your vehicle's shine and protect its surface. Our service team will inspect your vehicle and ensure it's ready for warmer weather!

Reach out to us today to schedule your warmer weather service needs at Pendarvis Chevrolet Company!